Matrimonial Investigation


Pre Matrimonial Investigation:


Bhavishya Kalyan Kendra understands the significance of this aspect of social obligation. It is not only decision of marriage but also how successfully this relationship is carried forward. That is why we by virtue of our modus operandi provide our clients a complete authentic and unbiased report.


Family background, Family reputation, Financial status, Character of Bride and Groom, education , Medical history, habits and nature are major field where we concentrate.


We have a set pattern of verification and include the following points invariably in our reports:


  • Character of the boy/girl
  • His/her employment/business details
  • Social reputation of boy/girl
  • Educational details
  • A background note on their activities.
  • Past broken marriages
  • Children from these marriages
  • Social reputation and financial status of families.                                                                                                                   
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Matrimonial disputes develop due to certain suspicious activities of husband and wife. Not only this involvement and interference of a third person also becomes bone of contention. The whole such situation is to be dealt very cautiously and carefully.

 Our personal detectives work under the supervision of highly experienced professionals as well as emotional counsellors.

Once case is given to us we provide an exceptional level of service by employing different ways to unearth the facts and present a clear picture to our client.

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