Detective/Investigation & Verification Services

In theinvestigation fast growing environment it has become necessary to obtain genuine and verified information about whatsoever men and material. Forewarned is fore armed. In the light of available verified facts it becomes very convenient to reach on a decision and chances of failures or setbacks are minimized.
Moreover if you are well informed about what you are interested, you are bound to follow an intelligent and calculated approach for achieving your goal. Our Organization is run by highly experienced professionals who have in depth knowledge of Investigation, detective and counseling fields. We believe in transparent and unbiased investigations. We solicit only genuine cases resulting in legitimate and socially accepted solutions. Confidentiality is deep rooted in our modus operandi. You can have complete faith and trust for whatever you share with us.

Our Head Office is located at New Delhi and we undertake assignments on pan India basis. Our assignments also have an international checks including USA, UK, Africa, Singapore.

Our rates are competitive and we always forward a written statement/quotation for proposed work. We work on a predetermined rates or we can also negotiate on case basis if required. We strive to provide efficient, accurate, and timely results.

Bhavishya Kalyan Kendra can provide you with solutions for all your investigation requirements, whether marital surveillance, tracing a family member, fraud investigations, corporate surveillance, due diligence checks, pre-marital checks or internet identity investigations, we can help as we have a network of agents and investigators throughout India and abroad.

Lawyers require thorough preparation, accuracy and efficiency in order to be successful. To illustrate your point of view effectively you may need services of a private investigation agency in exploring the leads in your case. We handle each case applying high ethical standards.

If you require a quotation or if you have any queries regarding our services you can fill out our online form.

Matrimonial/Relationship Counseling

Marriage bcounselingonding is a very personal and emotional association. In spite of observing all religious ceremonies and rites, disputes develop and reach at the verge of separation. In most of the cases none of them expect this moment and before reaching at this point of time make all efforts to settle the issue. Basic aim of our Counseling is to instill confidence and educate on one’s hidden characteristics and advice a natural path to take necessary preventive steps before finalizing a proposal.

So far matching is done on the basis of Janam Kundlis which are prepared considering time of birth. A huge number of cases pending in family courts had followed the norms, many of them very strictly and subsequently convinced that this is all unbelievable, unrealistic and superstitious. We at Bhavishyakalyan Kendra gave in depth thought to minimize this social problem and worked out a logical procedure taking in to consideration only realistic and reasonable data not only by virtue of astrological science but also forensic science related to palm reading.

We at Bhavishya Kalyan Kendra had developed a unique way of finding a suitable match by using perfect combination of astrology and palmistry. Our Chief Counselor Mr. Kuldeepak Madhok had studied this process for thirty years before putting in to practice. He personally study each proposal and recommend to proceed. He do not encourage or entertain proposals with malafide intentions. He attach significance to dignity, self respect, understanding and adjustment and give secondary thought to material comforts.


pre-matrimonial-investigations Matrimonial Bonding now needs to be handled with great care. Pre matrimonial investigations have become imperative and are being considered as an integral part of marriage ceremony.

Bhavishya Kalyan Kendra understands the significance of this aspect of social obligation. It is not only decision of marriage but also how successfully this relationship is carried forward. That is why we by virtue of our modus operandi provide our clients a complete authentic and unbiased report.

Family background, Family reputation, Financial status, Character of Bride and Groom, education , Medical history, habits and nature are major field where we concentrate.

Career Counseling

careerWe provide counseling by scanning and analysing your finger prints as well as palm prints. We are associated with highly experienced forensic scientists who prepare a detailed report by evaluating scanned finger prints. The counseling is done by our mentor Kuldeepak Madhok who is himself a palm reader/palmist.
In case a person is told about his in born characteristics and his acquired capabilities by studying his palm, he will be able to decide his career where he can rise to unbelievable heights.
DMIT Test is a solution to all confusions about which career to choose. You can know that whether you are a born engineer, doctor, manager, artist, player, businessman/trader or what else. Your report will only show what you like and in which kind of subjects you enjoy and take interest.
We will guide you how to enhance those inborn traits and become specialist.
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