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We understand the significance of Social Obligation


Emotional Counseling: By Kuldeepak Madhok,

Chief Consultant (Retd. Asst. Director MHA,Govt. Of India) Founder of principle of Perfect combination of Astrology and Palmistry.

Marriage bonding is a very personal and emotional association. In spite of observing all religious ceremonies and rites, disputes develop and reach at the verge of separation. In most of the cases none of them expect this moment and before reaching at this point of time make all efforts to settle the issue. Basic aim of our Counseling is to instill confidence and educate on one’s hidden characteristics and advice a natural path to take necessary preventive steps before finalizing a proposal.

So far matching is done on the basis of Janam Kundlis which are prepared considering time of birth. A huge number of cases pending in family courts had followed the norms, many of them very strictly and subsequently convinced that this is all unbelievable, unrealistic and superstitious. We at Bhavishyakalyan Kendra gave in depth thought to minimize this social problem and worked out a logical procedure taking in to consideration only realistic and reasonable data not only by virtue of astrological science but also forensic science related to palm reading.


We at Bhavishya Kalyan Kendra had developed a unique way of finding a suitable match by using perfect combination of astrology and palmistry. Our Chief Counselor Mr. Kuldeepak Madhok had studied this process for thirty years before putting into practice. He personally study each proposal and recommend to proceed. He do not encourage or entertain proposals with malafide intentions. He attach significance to dignity, self respect, understanding and adjustment and give secondary thought to material comforts.


To qualify the process, he requires:



a) Your correct date of birth ( Time of birth he does not take in to consideration)

b) You should send him your both hands palm prints.



By analyzing he will be sending you a transparent report about your nature, temperament, capabilities, your strong and weak points and kind of candidate best suited for you. Our primary search is for matching temperament followed by secondary matching for material and surrounding comforts.


We at Bhavishya Kalyan Kendra will first search for a match taking in to consideration dates of birth and shortlist them. This will be followed by choice of caste, personality, family and financial status, occupation respectively.



Hearing from you about your choice we will approach shortlisted candidate for his/her consent and obtain detailed particulars including photograph. If proposal suits a personal meeting will be arranged to discuss the details.


(If agreed we will suggest for a confidential verification about the facts submitted by the candidate.)


Once finalized, we will analyze the palm prints of finalized partners and prepare a compatibility report where both of them will be given matrimonial counseling so as to understand each other’s good and bad issues. On the basis of principle of ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ we will take an undertaking from both candidates, which will socially bind them and adjust each other in time of any conflict.


Once they know each other they will have no plausible reason to differentiate and will strive to adjust and accommodate each other.


ABOVE ALL: Our process will only facilitate your genuine search and has nothing to do away with your religious ceremonies and beliefs.


Our professional Charges are as follows:


Registration of biodata: Rs. 1500/-


Horoscope Report: Rs. 5000/-

Matrimonial Process: Rs. 10000/- Shortlisted candidate may be contacted and his consent and detailed bio data will be obtained. If mutually agreed a meeting may be arranged if other parameters like family background and financial status suits each other. (All expenses of meeting will be borne by candidates themselves)


Pre-Matrimonial Verification (Optional): Rs.10000/- to Rs. 20000/-(depending on case basis)


Finalization:(Rs.10000/-) In case matter proceeds ahead both candidates will be given matrimonial counseling on the basis of horoscope and palm readings. A compatibility report will be prepared and made them to understand good and bad features. They will be suggested various actions to bridge the gap in understanding, if any.


An undertaking will be taken from both the candidates and given to each other which will socially bind them.

Disputed Issues

Emotional counseling is also necessary at the stage when husband and wife frequently indulge in infighting or confrontation. This normally happens when they do not give respect to the opinions of each other. The reasons vary which include hurting of sentiments due to suspicion of infidelity, disenchantment, consumption of excessive liquor/drugs etc, financial hardships, interference of other members of family, etc.etc.


Emotional counseling is given by taking in to consideration the horoscopic characters and then matching them with the acquired characters which are revealed through palmistry. We can visualize the characteristics and point out the


Deficiencies which have negative effect. Similarly the strong factors which can be useful for getting good results can be ascertained and advised accordingly.


There are certain horoscopic characters which otherwise present but could not be developed due to adverse circumstances in which the individual was brought up. By our counseling he will come to know his capabilities and will be motivated to exploit them. Besides he will be advised how to overcome negative features.


We , during our counseling, advice do’s and dont’s to an individual , which are prepared keeping in view his nature as well as his legitimate requirements. The ultimate aim of one’s life is to achieve satisfaction and lead a contended and peaceful life. There are many negative factors which are positive for others. When the interests of both these individuals clash, dispute starts.


If a person is made to understand his own characteristics, he will utilize those and will save himself from unnecessarily struggling with whom he has become socially attached may be his wife, friend or anyone else.


The best way is to make yourself understand. To teach another person is difficult as compared to that. So emphasis is given in counseling to make use of his own capabilities and overcome shortcomings. Once he is well informed, he can adjust with his conflicting partner or take a decisive course of action on a potential problem.


Our counselors by virtue of their long experience and continuous study of numerous hands are in a position to prepare individual reports which prove very useful for them in leading their life to the best of their satisfaction.


Consultation fee: Rs. 5000/- per individual.


Our bankers: All payments to be remitted in the name of Bhavishya Kalyan Kendra, Account no. C/A No. 20007850054 Bank of Maharashtra, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon (Haryana) NEFT Code: MAHB 0001308


Note: Ours is a very personal and confidential service and we do not share your information with others.


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